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Congratulations on Moving to New Office

山西快乐十分开奖结果Release time:2017-09-25 | Editor:

    Warmly congratulate Zoko Group headquarter for moving to new office on September 6,2015。 It wasthe day of joy shared by staff。

    Addressing to business and staff team expansion, the company decided to move to the new office:4thFloor,Summer Valley,Wonderful Life Creative Valley Technology Park, Longchang Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen。 Inthe brand new environment, all the staff was enthusiastic and sincerely hoped to provide you with great products and services as always。 We firmly believe that we will embrace a more rpomising tomorrow with your full supporp and friendship。

     Once we had dreams, and in the future our dreams will be fulfilled. Atthis joyful day, we would like to give thanks and appreciation to all our clients and partners, who have been for long our dear supportive friends, and whom we will continue to cherish and work with. Let's do it now!

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