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Release time:2017-09-23 | Editor:

     Shenzhen Zokon Information and Technology Services Co., Ltd. (ZKIT) Has been rewarded the National High-tech Enterprise Certificate for its leading products and independent technological innovation. This is another milestone leap in its development.

    Shenzhen ZKIT has developed rapidly in recent years, especially in marketing, R&D, and company management. With a series of scientific research outcomes, including the core intellectual property rights, continuous research and development capabilities, and R&D investment and other requirements on software and hardware, Shenzhen ZKIT has been recognized as a growing innovative company with good potentials.

   In the future, we will start from China, hold the vision to serve the global customers, build a bridge between suppliers and clients, and grow together with our partners. At the same time, we will gradually turn the development direction to industrialization, diversification, and collectivization on the basis of gradually accumulating the strength of technological innovation, so as to create more economic benefits to give back to the society and take on more social responsibilities.

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